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How TED Talks are influencing the way organizations communicate

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How TED Talks are influencing the way organizations communicate

The golden rules for delivering a powerful presentation are to know your audience, know your material and make your delivery memorable and real. These certainly come into their own when presenting a TED Talk.

TED Talks were developed thirty-five years ago in California by Richard Saul Wurman as a way of delivering an idea or view in a short, enticing and thought-provoking manner.

TED is not a person but a way of presenting. The title gives a clue to the content (Technology, Entertainment, Design) – with an emphasis on entertainment. The presenter will talk, without notes, on a core subject they are passionate about for a total of 18 minutes (considered to be the optimum attention-span) using simple, powerful imagery and visual aids to get across a key point they want to make and leave the audience wanting to know more.

This has become an extremely popular form of address, with TED Talks being delivered across all corners of the world and attracting many millions of views online. A masterclass TED Talk was given by Bill Gates to raise awareness of Malaria and public health in Africa: https://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gates_mosquitos_malaria_and_education.

However, there is also a body of opinion questioning the effectiveness of a TED Talks format and its appropriateness to explain a complex situation, versus the more business-like presentation we are all accustomed to.

So, what is the right approach for business?

We believe there are more similarities than differences between the two styles. This makes the “TED Talks” style a viable option for delivering a business presentation as it adopts many of the same disciplines and techniques required for a business-style format – audience engagement, content structure, presentation delivery and use of strong imagery – in order to deliver an engaging and memorable presentation.

We are seeing increasing interest from organizations wanting specific TED Talks-style training. If you want to learn more on how to develop a powerful TED Talks-style presentation, please contact Dave Scallan.


Destinations with Dave: Island Hopping in Greece

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In the dreary days of winter, I’m dreaming of where most of Europe goes during the month of August: the Greek Islands. When you marry a Greek, as I did back in 2003, you quickly learn that trips to Greece are part of the package, and no trip to Greece would be complete without a little “island hopping” while you are there. Now while there are dozens of islands that cater to tourists, one stands out as the most iconic and the most beautiful: Santorini.

Santorini is believed by many to be the lost city of Atlantis. Formed around an ancient volcano or caldera as they call it, the island is shaped like a half moon. The main town (for lack of a better word) on the island is Fira. That’s where the cruise ships dock and where you will find the most shopping and restaurants. Fira is built high upon a cliff looking above the Mediterranean with some of the most amazing views in the world. Now if you come by boat you will have two options to get up to Fira; either by cable car, or by donkey. Yes, mule. Adventurers will choose the latter, and what a trip it is. After reaching the top of the island, those who survive (to my knowledge no one has ever been injured) will certainly want to stop into the nearest restaurant or taverna as they are affectionately called, for one of Greece’s many signature dishes. These include gyros, moussaka, souvlaki, dolmades, spanakopita, or my personal favorite, pastitsio.

Once you’ve filled your belly and got some shopping done in Fira, it’s time to go exploring the rest of the island. Your first stop will most definitely be the picturesque city of Oia. Oia (pronounced “Ia”) is legendary for its iconic white buildings with blue roofs. Bring your camera because the next amazing picture is only footsteps away with the Mediterranean bounding endlessly in the background of every shot. Like Fira, Oia too features boundless opportunities to eat and shop. It also claims the most exclusive resorts on the island.

Other spots on the island are easily accessible by car, but the preferred mode of transportation for most tourists is the 4-wheel ATV. They are available for rent at a low cost of 10 euros per day and open up the entire island for adventure. By ATV you can visit the famous black sand beach of Kamari, or the red sand beach of Akrotiri. Another benefit of the ATV is being able to take the back roads for some of the most stunning drives anywhere in the world.

I hope you get to visit Santorini one day. When I’m asked by people where the “prettiest” place is I’ve ever been to, my answer is always Santorini. I hope your adventure there leads you to the same conclusion. Until next time, safe travels!

Recent Spoken Word Trainee Featured in Time’s 50 Most Influential People in Healthcare

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Spoken Word Communications was very happy to see Houston ISD’s Betti Wiggins, who we recently had the opportunity to train through our relationship with the Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA), make Time Magazine’s list of the 50 Most Influential People in Healthcare as a result of her efforts to put healthier meals in the district’s cafeterias.

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