Media Interview Strategies Training

Whether it’s dealing with the news media in an informational sit-down interview, or interacting with them in a crisis setting, our Media Interview Strategies seminar will prepare participants for any type of media encounter.

This full- or half-day training seminar centers around three principals: Preparation, Pitfalls, and Powerful Messages. Through a sharing of ideas, multiple on-camera interviews, and a review of past examples of public domain clips, participants will walk away with the skills needed to have a successful experience, whether it’s promoting a new product or putting a compassionate face on the company after an incident with off-site impact or injuries. Each participant will appear on camera multiple times during the seminar. Each of those interactions will be videotaped and critiqued in front of the group for learning purposes.

Videotape is the best tool ever invented for assessing one’s performance, and then providing effective feedback.

Are you ready to build confidence and credibility?

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