Glenn van Zutphen is the Singapore-based consultant for Spoken Word Communications handling all of the company’s training throughout the ASEAN (Asia-Pac) and Middle East regions.

In 28 years as a professional journalist for CNNI, CNBC Asia/Pacific (and others) and a published author, he has done most editorial jobs in print, radio and television news while living and working in the U.S., Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. He has been published globally in countless newspapers, magazines and online as well as being co-author of the book, “Happy Customers Everywhere.” As the Regional News Editor for CNBC Asia/Pacific in Singapore, he oversaw the daily editorial content and news coverage at the network’s Asia headquarters and for bureaus across Asia.

While an Anchor, Producer & Reporter at CNN International, he helped to cover stories ranging from the NATO-led bombing of Yugoslavia and Millennium celebrations, to Gulf War II and the War Against Terror as well as myriad natural & man-made disasters, political and business events.

Prior to CNNI, Glenn was at Hong Kong’s Wharf Cable Television covering local and regional stories before, during and after the 1997 Handover to China. In Switzerland and Japan he worked for ABC News Radio and USA today newspaper. While in Tokyo he was also a television and radio broadcaster for public station NHK, including producing and hosting the first English-language TV broadcasts of Japan’s National Sport, Sumo wrestling.

Glenn is a member and past-President of the Foreign Correspondents Association of Singapore as well as an active member of the Singapore Press Club. He is also volunteers as Communications Mentor at The Hub start-up lab in Singapore. He is also a past-President of the Atlanta Press Club, the second largest in the U.S.

Glenn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Southern California and is currently sitting for a Master’s Degree in Digital Media Management at HyperIsland Singapore and Teesside University (UK).

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