Spoken Word Communications is a Media, Crisis Communications, and Presentations Training company. We teach people techniques to communicate effectively, thus building confidence and credibility, which assures a favorable outcome in any type of interaction involving the spoken word.

Communications training is a necessity for any business or individual who must perform in a high-pressure environment. In terms of media interviews, the stakes are obvious. A wrong word here, or a misstatement there, could have a tremendously damaging effect on both the company’s image, as well as its bottom line.

Communicating with the public in times of crisis holds the same stakes. Each interaction is critical in putting a caring and compassionate face on the company. As far as presentations go, assuring the audience receives the message you set out to deliver is crucial to delivering an effective presentation, no matter what size the audience.

Each training session will center around videotaping participants and then critiquing their performances in front of the group. Videotape is the best tool ever invented for assessing one’s performance, and then providing effective feedback. This feedback will be constructive in nature, pointing out both the positives and negatives of the interaction. Individuals will then be given more opportunities to perform on camera, thus building their confidence and assuring they leave the training knowing “I can do this”.  Also included in the training is classroom lecture and the use of public domain video clips to help reinforce training principles.

Our partners in Singapore, Brazil and U.A.E add regional support to our global training.