We teach people techniques to communicate effectively.

Specializing in the Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Utility industries.

Media Training

Whether it’s dealing with the news media in an informational sit-down interview, or interacting with them in a crisis setting, our Media Interview Strategies seminar will prepare participants for any type of media encounter.


Crisis Spokesperson Training

Dealing with the news media in times of crisis can be difficult even for the most seasoned communications professionals. Our Crisis Spokesperson Training teaches how to assure your company’s message is delivered in a succinct and empathetic manner.


Presentations Training

Our Presentations Training helps everyone from the first-time presenter to the seasoned professional sharpen their skills for that make-or-break presentation that just can’t afford to fall flat.


We have global reach.

Our team has conducted training all over the world.

Why Spoken Word Communications?

Highly Experienced Trainers

Our team has worked with countless Fortune 100 executives across the globe. Let us share our vast amount of knowledge in the Oil and Gas, Utility and Nuclear Power industries with your team.

Expertise in Crisis Communications

We have lived through the crises your company could potentially face. Let us prepare your team for what could be out there in today’s ever-challenging 24-hour news cycle

Experience in the Global Marketplace

Our team has trained in over 20 countries and 5 continents around the world. Let us help your organization deal with the ever expanding challenges related to doing business in a global economy.

Proven Training Methods

Videotape is the most powerful teaching tool ever invented. Let us provide constructive, yet positive feedback to your team in order to help them learn the tools and techniques to have a successful encounter with the news media.

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