Is a Crisis Retainer Solution Right for You?

Like a life raft thrown to you when you’re adrift, the Spoken Word crisis retainer can provide lifeline to you and your team during a crisis.

What exactly is included in a crisis retainer? For a nominal fee, you receive access to a dedicated hotline – your communications 9-1-1 that will connect you with some of the top crisis minds from around the world.

Once you quickly bring us up to speed, we provide strategy and counsel and can help you determine the best response to the stakeholders that matter most to you. We can write or edit your media statements, stakeholder letters, and social media postings.

Depending on the level of the agreement, we also can help you prepare for emergencies through the development of a written crisis plan or updating your existing plan to reflect today’s media environment.

The retainer also includes the ability for Spoken Word to cover for the company spokesperson while she is on vacation, providing peace of mind that if an event occurs, you are covered by crisis communications executives.

For more information about the crisis retainer program, contact Dave Scallan at