21 Jul 2014

Excellent Press Briefing by Malaysian Airlines Executive

If there’s any industry in the world that is prepared for Crisis Communications, it’s the airline industry.  Unfortunately, they have to be.  There’s no bigger global story than when a passenger filled airliner goes down and sadly Malaysian Air has had to deal with two such horrible tragedies already this year.

With that said, facing the hordes of media that come with such a tragedy is never an easy task.  Malaysian Airlines executive Hueb Gorte last week did an outstanding job of giving the company’s first media briefing at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

During this 4-minute briefing, Gorte gave excellent, relevant information to reporters.  He did it in a very clear and concise way.  There were very few uh’s and um’s (non-words as we like to call them).  Most importantly, he did an outstanding job of putting a caring and compassionate face on the company.  It was clear after this briefing that the airline’s #1 priority was to take care of the families of those lost.

Kudos to Mr. Gorte for doing such an excellent job, especially considering both the magnitude and extreme pressure of the situation.