28 Aug 2014

We Concur with Concur CEO Steve Singh

You don’t have to watch a lot of the TV news channels to know that having a great story doesn’t always translate into a successful interview.  That’s exactly why companies like Spoken Word exist, to help executives tell a company’s story and not just rely on their charm and good looks to hope that viewers and investors pick up on the company’s message.

However, if an executive is prepared and comes into an interview with some concrete messages, as well as a few great stories and examples, the interview can be a huge success.  Case in point, Concur CEO Steve Singh.  Concur is the latest and greatest software for business travelers, allowing them to virtually do away with those cumbersome expense reports.  Singh has been making the rounds lately on CNBC, Fox News, MSNBC and the like explaining exactly what Concur does and how it can benefit companies both large and small.

If you watch Singh in action you can see he’s extremely well prepared for any question he might potentially face.  He’s a master of the bridging technique, almost always using it to get one of his “key points” in, many times driving those points home even further with a great client story or example.

If you’re an executive or a PR professional that might be prepping one, take a lesson from Steve Singh on how to have a successful interview.  I think everyone will Concur with that.