16 Oct 2014

Dallas Nurse Skypes a Dagger Into Texas Health on Ebola Precautions

Skype is just another example of the length major news organizations are going to in order to make sure they get the “big” story of the day on their air.

This example of the Dallas nurse who calls out her employer, Texas Health, for not following proper procedures in handling Ebola patients at her hospital only typifies how Skype, phone, Facetime and other less-glitzy forms of interviews are more commonly making their way onto the airwaves these days.

What does it mean for your organization? Well, it points out the need for Media Training more than ever. No longer will the opportunities for your employees to get media exposure be limited. Now anyone with a computer or a cell phone could end up on the Today Show in a matter of minutes. Hopefully, it’s under your control and not like in this situation.