23 Apr 2018

TSPRA Crisis Management Retainer

Crisis Management Retainer– In today’s world of non-stop media coverage, school districts across Texas are increasingly finding themselves in the cross-hairs of media outlets asking for more and more from the district’s communications professional.  Many times, due to limited resources, those professionals need a helping hand to navigate the issues and crises that arise throughout the year.

Spoken Word Communications, the official Media/Crisis partner of the Texas School Public Relations Association, experts in Crisis and Issues Communications offers districts a “safety net” when extra resources are needed to handle the district’s media response to whatever crisis or issue the district could be facing.  This service also provides for “peace of mind” for the district’s Communications Officer when they take their annual leave.


What’s Included:

For each crisis, 3 hours of telephone/electronic support. The scope of these services includes:.

  • Press releases
  • Holding statements
  • Employee communications
  • Social Media posting
  • Short and long-term strategy
  • 24/7 guaranteed availability from Spoken Word team with dedicated hotline answered by a live person.
  • Crisis Management Plan review
  • Telephone/Electronic support for two weeks per year when primary contact is on vacation- Will coordinate with designated district employee (i.e. Superintendent) to assist in communications needs while primary contact is away.
  • Quarterly Crisis/Issues Communications Conference Call

What costs extra:

  • Telephone/Electronic support in excess of 3 monthly hours- $250/hour
  • On-site assistance- $2,750 per Spoken Word employee per day. Plus all travel expenses.  Guarantee to be on site within 18 hours of call.

Retainer Cost (to be billed semi-annually in January and July)

District Enrollment:
20,000+                  $1,000/month +++
5,000-19,999-        $800/month +++
2,000-4,999           $600/month ++
1,000-1,999            $400/month ++
500-999                  $200/month +
1-499                        $100/month +

+++ Plus 3 seats in a regional TSPRA/Spoken Word Media/Crisis seminar
++ Plus 2 seats in a regional TSPRA/Spoken Word Media/Crisis seminar
+ Plus 1 seat in a regional TSPRA/Spoken Word Media/Crisis seminar