Hot take: Spoken Word Experts Observe COVID-19 Communications Efforts

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COVID-19 is all we are talking, reading and hearing about. Here’s our first hot take on how leaders around the world are handling this crisis, which is sure to be studied for years to come.

“I think the biggest question our clients have been asking me is how much they should communicate.  My advice thus far to them has been I would much rather them lean on the side of over-communicating versus under-communicating.” – Dave Scallan, Founder and Principal

The cloud of initial medical misinformation surrounding COVID-19 demonstrates the void that occurs when there is no one credible subject matter expert speaking during a complicated crisis.” – Beth Archer, Managing Director, Crisis Practice

Here is my equation for organizations and leaders to follow during periods of crisis:

Compassion + Competence = Credibility

Transparency + Truthfulness = Trust.

Conversely a lack of compassion and competence equals a lack of credibility and a lack of transparency and truth equals a lack of trust. Organizations and leaders who understand this will distinguish themselves.” – Ralph DeSantis, MPA, APA, Senior Counselor

So many lessons to be learned about how society has responded to COVID-19! In terms of information, I believe this crisis will make many businesses and organizations re-evaluate their technical infrastructure, systems, chain of command, and tone. Every day provides an increasing number of examples of agencies communicating differently. At the end of the day, one can only hope that the decision-makers at corporations that did not communicate proactively, learn from their mistakes.” – Claudia Deschamps, Senior Counselor

Transparency is everything in a crisis. The need for open and timely communications to deliver key messages effectively, provide factual updates and keep audiences on side in the fight against coronavirus were major factors in the UK Government’s decision to change their stance and start holding daily televised briefings.” – Clive Hawkins, Senior Associate


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