The First Rule of Presenting

Posted by | June 13, 2014 | Articles | No Comments

Whenever we conduct a Presentations Training for a client, the first thing we typically have to critique a participant on is where they should look while they are presenting.  For most, the natural place for their eyes is the same as everyone else in the room:  The screen.  Wrong!!

The screen (of monitor in some cases) is for the audience.  The laptop on the table, or printed Power Point should be used by the presenter.  Why?  Two words:  Eye contact.  In order to connect with an audience, a presenter must maintain the highest level of eye contact possible.  That’s impossible to do if a presenters back is facing the audience because they are presenting to the screen.  Good presenters will glance down at the screen, using it as a prompt, then make eye contact with their audience.

Next time you find yourself in a presentation, watch to see if the person presenting is doing it the “right” way.  Odds are they won’t, but after reading this, you will.

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