31 Oct 2014

Speech Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Seeing Rikk Wilde struggle with the World Series MVP trophy presentation shows the need many individuals have to over some speech anxiety.

Mr. Wilde obviously didn’t get any Presentations Training prior to this very important presentation on a national stage. Shame on Chevy for not preparing their executive to deal with his moment in the spotlight. Because of it, this video (and similar ones) have received millions of hits on social media bringing negative attention to the company.

While there are many different strategies we teach to overcome problems like Mr. Wilde exemplified, perhaps the best one is simply practicing. If Mr. Wilde had done a few run-throughs of his remarks instead of simply relying on his notes, his presentation would have gone much better.

If you have speech anxiety, don’t fret, it can be overcome. Give us a call to find out how.