Think Global, Act Local

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” –Benjamin Franklin

These wise words of one of the USA’s founding fathers are well over 200 years old but remain relevant to the communication training requirements of global organizations today.

Any company operating across multiple regions or jurisdictions needs its communications to be aligned, as news and information posted online can be seen around the world in seconds and will influence audience opinion and impact on corporate reputation. Senior leaders and company spokespeople need to be trained on how to deliver powerful presentations, prepare for media interviews, and deal with intense scrutiny especially during a crisis situation.

Challenges and solutions

The challenge is how to achieve a consistent training approach when your employees are spread across countries with different cultures, languages and learning styles.

The solution is to ensure global training practices work hand-in-hand with local communications delivery. At Spoken Word Communications, our trainers share the “Think Global, Act Local” perspective by covering topics such as:

  • engaging your audience
  • developing powerful messages
  • establishing speaker credibility in a consistent manner.

Global consistency, local engagement

Wherever we operate in the world, our delegates learn how to develop and implement these techniques in a way that is relevant to themselves and their audiences, ensuring global consistency and local engagement.

We are a global media, presentations and crisis communications training company with a presence in the US, Canada, Singapore and London. We draw upon our extensive knowledge and expertise to teach people to communicate effectively using the spoken word.

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