29 May 2023



The team at Spoken Word Communications is excited to introduce a new member and a new aspect of our operations! Longtime NFL and professional soccer communications executive Zac Emmons joined Spoken Word to apply our industry-leading training techniques to the sports world.

Spoken Word Sports Division will provide focused, individualized training for players, coaches, athletic directors, general managers and team executives. Coaches and athletes continually focus on skill development to ensure success on the field or court, but that same attention is frequently lacking when it comes to how they communicate with the public and other audiences.

Zac spent the last two decades working with hundreds of athletes and dozens of coaches and administrators, preparing them for interviews and coaching them on how to stay on message. After inviting Dave and the Spoken Word team to train the senior leadership of the Houston Dynamo in 2019, it suddenly became clear to him.  

“I’ve sat through countless seminars on ‘media training,’ in my career, but Spoken Word’s individualized, on-camera interviews drove those points home in ways nothing else ever had. I am fired up to bring a higher level of service and preparation to an industry that lives under such a microscope,” said Zac.

Zac and Dave conducted the first official training session for Spoken Word Sports Division in Houston last month.

Contact us if you work with a professional or amateur team that could benefit from training.