19 Dec 2023

What We’re Attending

Hydrogen, an increasingly viable alternative energy solution

The record-breaking temperatures experienced this year in the USA, Europe and Middle East, as well as devastating wildfires seen around the world, have again focused public opinion on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy is pivotal to achieving this goal; and if the popularity of a recent energy conference in London – Scaling up the European Hydrogen Economy: Unlocking Opportunities & Investment – is anything to go by, hydrogen as an energy source is increasingly becoming a viable solution.


The Conference Event

Hosted by Aurora Energy Research and attended by over 470 industry representatives, policy makers, manufacturers, banks and investors. Featured thought leaders and experts addressed the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen development. Topics included government policy, infrastructure financing, developer opportunities and offtake agreements.

To demonstrate the scale of change required, one speaker likened the use of hydrogen as a future energy source to that of creating the railway network in the 1800’s.

Audience Poll: Top Three Barriers of Hydrogen Use

An audience poll showed these top three barriers to the use of hydrogen.

  1. offtake requirements
  2. government subsidies
  3. network infrastructure

Surprisingly, public acceptability came well down the list. However, when Spoken Word Communications Associate Clive Hawkins raised this in the QA session, the speaker panel acknowledged the importance of proactively engaging with society and, in particular, ensure the safety case is proven.

In Summary

The Aurora Conference provided an excellent overview of hydrogen development in Europe and highlighted how hydrogen can play a key role in energy transition. Despite many political, investor and operational hurdles to jump, there is a big industry appetite for change. Although this will require a compelling story to be told around the use of hydrogen and having strong industry engagement with society, in the journey to a fossil-free future.                                                                                                      

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