20 Aug 2020

Influencing Webinar Audiences

The power of communication played a key role in changing perceptions among a 300-strong audience in a recent Oil and Gas Council webinar on the future of oil and gas frontier exploration.

Opinions change. Before and after pie charts.

The audience were asked for their initial view on: ‘There is No Future for Frontier Exploration’ with 56% voting against the motion, 23% in support and 21% undecided. At the end of the discussion, the same question was asked again and whilst voting against the motion had increased slightly to 58%, there had been a big shift among undecided delegates, which increased those in support to 37%.

What led to this change of opinion? 

To provide an instant assessment of the audience’s opinion both before and after the discussion, the webinar facilitator polled the audience with only one question. Consequently, this technique also tested each presenter’s communication effectiveness and how well they targeted their key messages.

The vital components of any powerful presentation delivery are what you say, how you look, and how you sound — and for all three to work in tandem.

“It was an interesting debate that showed how powerful communication delivery can influence views. All presenters delivered powerful arguments for and against the motion. The shift in opinion among the undecided delegates was undoubtedly helped by those presenters in favor of the motion delivering a strong narrative with supporting data, and using their voice inflection and body language effectively to emphasize key messages.”  

Clive Hawkins, Spoken Word’s Senior Associate

This wasn’t a one-off outcome either. In subsequent Oil and Gas Council webinars on upstream M&A activity and attracting industry talent, there were similar shifts in opinion among undecided audience members.

With the oil and gas industry in the midst of a critical transformation and needing to address major challenges, the ability for business leaders to deliver powerful face-to-face and online presentations will be key to influencing opinion and securing future business success.

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