3 Quick Video Conferencing Tips

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Dust off your Spoken Word media training skills for desktop video conferencing, whether you’re using Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or any other online meeting app.  

Engaging Video Conferencing Delivery

Avoid these common delivery pitfalls and your message will be received loud and clear.

The key to a stellar performance is to strike a balance between three delivery components.

  • Visual—how you look
  • Vocal—how you sound
  • Verbal—what you say

If your body language and vocal queues are quirky, your audience will not be paying attention to your words.

Common Video Conferencing Pitfalls

Here are three Dos and Don’ts to avoid common delivery pitfalls when video conferencing.

1.  Don’t let your guard down

—be appropriately professional and presentable on camera. In other words, don’t wear your PJ bottoms or otherwise slack off because you’re not in person!

2.  Don’t let your energy level wane or get distracted

—be attentive to other speakers and look into the camera to simulate “eye contact” when you’re speaking AND when you’re listening.

3.  Don’t be a soft talker

—the audience can always turn their volume down if you’re too loud, but they may not be able to turn it up enough to hear you. Good posture not only helps you look attentive, it also helps your voice project.

Remember that your media training skills are transferable communication skills—they’re equally as effective when video conferencing.

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