02 Mar 2021

Are You Loyal to Your Loyal Customers?

Finger about to press customer loyalty button.

Did you know it costs five times as much to find a new client than retain one?

And, only 40% of companies and 30% of agencies have an equal focus on customer acquisition and retention?*

The need to attract new customers is an important aspect of growing any business but can sometimes be to the detriment of existing ones. How many times have you seen adverts with attractive product and service offers that are available only to ‘new’ customers! 

To avoid alienating your loyal customers with this type of tactic, you can use a range of communication methods to help strengthen existing relationships, reiterate the benefits you bring to their organisation, and show how you are helping them achieve their goals.  

High on the list of ways you can retain customer loyalty include:

  • Having regular dialogue with customers on your performance
  • Personalizing new products and services to meet their needs
  • Monitoring and updating customers on market developments, competitor activity, and any industry changes pertinent to their business
  • Targeting media and speaker opportunities to position customers as thought leaders and industry experts

At Spoken Word, we teach people the core skills to sharpen communication skills, build confidence and credibility, and deliver powerful presentations at business and sales meetings, conferences and media interviews. We can help you learn the techniques on how to present in front of an audience or on a laptop and give you the confidence to impress your audience at that make-or-break delivery — assuring you a favorable outcome in any interaction involving the spoken word.

To learn more on how Spoken Word’s presentation training programs can help retain customer loyalty, contact us.

* These are among a number of key findings highlighted in a recent blog by digital marketing consulting firm, Invesp.