27 Sep 2021

Build Confidence When Presenting Live at Exhibitions

Are you planning to attending the 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston, GasTech Conference in Dubai, Flame 2021 in Amsterdam, or World Energy Capital Assembly in London?

With covid restrictions scaling back, these and many other exhibitions across the world are again opening their doors for delegates to network and learn about the latest industry developments.

For those invited to deliver keynote presentations or sit on speaker panels, this can be a welcome opportunity to move away from presenting online and re-engage live with industry peers. This can be a daunting prospect when you have to communicate amid the noise and distraction of an exhibition and can see clearly the white of delegates’ eyes!

It is easy to assume that good public speaking skills come naturally but this is often not the case. Some people will relish standing before an audience but they’re definitely in the minority. For many, it can be a nerve-wracking event.

Glossophobia: An estimated 75% of the world’s population share the fear of public speaking.

However, public speaking is a skill that can most definitely be taught but you need to review, refresh and rehearse your presentation approach every time to meet your audience’s needs. We can all relate to presenters struggling to hold attention on the podium, using too much jargon, and our yearning for the last slide to appear before we can quickly exit for the coffee machine!

There are some golden rules for building confidence and becoming an effective public speaker:

1. Know your audience. When crafting your presentation, focus on the audience profile and what topics are going to interest them.

2. Know your material. Nothing switches off an audience more than a presenter who cannot engage effectively. This is often down to lack of preparation, not having rehearsed your content delivery or spending enough time on making someone else’s presentation your own.

3. Know your delivery. Decide on the key points you want an audience to take away and use these to structure your presentation along with interesting facts, figures and anecdotes to bring the content to life. You also need to use your words, voice and body language effectively to command the podium in a positive way.

If you are planning to present live at an exhibition or trade event, Spoken Word Communications is here to help. We can train you on developing a powerful presentation, holding an audience from the start and making your delivery one to remember – wherever you are in the world!

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