27 Sep 2021

What We’re Reading

Change The Way You COMMUNICATE
Why You Should | How You Can
by Ken Haseley

Highly recommended by the entire Spoken Word Communications team, Ken Haseley’s new book is a must have for anyone who wants to strengthen their communication skills. Ken states, “Individuals who communicate effectively get others to listen, understand, and act on what was said…Communicating effectively involves eliminating comfortable, but outdated and self-defeating communication.”

– Dave Scallan, Founder

Made to Stick
by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

What is it that makes some ideas more memorable than others? This book seeks to answer this question by providing examples of approaches taken by organizations and individuals to make their ideas simple, credible and ‘stick’ with their intended audience. This is a must-read for all communicators and marketers wanting to apply these principals and avoid the ‘curse of knowledge’ that many fall into the trap of using!

– Clive Hawkins, Senior Counselor

How to Style Your Brand
by Fiona Humberstone

This book provides great insights for anyone involved in the design of company brands. There are many useful tips on how to create a distinctive brand identity and stand out from the crowd to win business. It is also nicely illustrated, allowing you to dip easily into sections rather than having to read from start to finish. This is a business book to have close at hand!

-Clive Hawkins, Senior Counselor