17 Dec 2021

Standing Out from the Pack

Communicate to Differentiate your Sustainability Performance


“Never confuse movement with action.” — Ernest Hemmingway

Hemmingway’s words certainly ring true with the recent global sustainability conference, UN Climate Change Conference UK COP26. Over 30,000 delegates from more than 120 countries attended this two-week event in Glasgow.


Whilst there were many positive outcomes—such as a renewed focus on limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, ending deforestation, and creating new investment funds to help developing countries adapt to climate change—how exactly will this all be actioned to deliver these ambitious targets?

…and Actions

There is, of course, a collective requirement on every one of us in the world to play our part.

There are also new directives announced at COP26 for organisations to drive change—such as the UK passing legislation to mandate climate change disclosures for Britain’s largest companies and financial institutions from April 2022.

Many listed or heavily indebted companies already have these procedures in place to satisfy investor requirements. These new business mandates will only increase the focus on all organisations to deliver strong sustainability performance.

Distinguishing Between the Two

This is clearly the right direction for business to go. However, as this approach becomes the norm, how will organisations communicate their sustainability performance in a way that

  1. differentiates them from their peers
  2. avoids greenwashing
  3. positions them in the minds of key stakeholders as innovative business leaders?

At Spoken Word Communications, we focus on key presentation techniques and messaging to help you become a more confident and credible public speaker, sharpen your communication skills for that make-or-break delivery, and assure a favourable outcome in any type of interaction involving the spoken word. We make your delivery one to remember—one that stands out from the pack!

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