20 Oct 2022

The Best of Both Worlds! How to Win with Global-Local Training Programs

The phrase ‘the best of both worlds’ is believed to have originated from biblical times, to describe a person’s life on earth and that as a spirit. It is now used in everyday language to describe the benefit received from two different situations at the same time.

This scenario was played out recently for a client when we were called in to support their roll-out of a refreshed brand identity and highlight their operational, sustainability and customer services credentials.

The decision to adopt a global or local training program can be a conundrum for organisations providing services across the world.

‘Go Global’ ensures a consistent and aligned training approach across the organization but risks alienating local requirements, languages and learning styles.

‘Stay Local’ will address the global concerns but can result in a lack of strategic direction and lead to inconsistent training delivery.

However, help was on hand to resolve this situation with them.

As a global media, crisis and presentation training company – with a network of trainers who teach people to communicate confidently and effectively using the spoken word – we met our client’s specific requirements by:

  • developing a core training program that focused on key topics such as developing powerful presentations, capturing and keeping audiences’ attention and making messages memorable.
  • delivering the training programs with a local sentiment by utilizing our trainers in Houston, London and Singapore.

This achieved a consistent training approach and ensured the content was delivered in a way that was relevant to delegates, and to their intended audiences, in local jurisdictions. The best of both worlds!

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