20 Oct 2022

What We’re Listening To & Reading

The Mindset Mentor Podcast
by Rob Dial and Kast Media

There are times when we need to take a step back and consider how best to deal with business or personal challenges. In this series of 20-minute Mindset Mentor™ podcasts, Rob Dial looks at different topics such as: ‘how to change the people around you’, ‘a proven strategy to hit any goal’ and ‘how to master your emotions’ and help people understand how to become more motivated, obtain greater direction and focus in life.

The podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. They are a ‘must-listen’ for anyone seeking inspiration on how to re-assess their perceptions, make adjustments and drive change!

– Clive Hawkins, Senior Counselor


Speak Up! Reclaiming the Lost Art of Speaking the Truth in Love
by Brian M. Mayfield

During any given moment or season in life, there is often a conversation we are putting off or avoiding. Not sure what to say. Afraid we might hurt or offend. It could get awkward and uncomfortable. We’ve all been there!

That’s why we all need to be encouraged to Speak Up! Whether it’s with a coworker, family member, friend–it’s time to stop avoiding the conversation.

Read this book to find the encouragement you need to finally Speak Up! One conversation can change everything.

– Dave Scallan, Founder