02 Mar 2021

Preparing for the Real Situation: TSPRA’s New Media Training Series

Spoken Word Communications is excited to partner again with TSPRA, the Texas School Public Relations Association, to provide a unique media training series for TSPRA members.

Five online sessions filled with tips and techniques are designed to help you when the real situation arises. The course will prepare you to take questions from the media, respond to crisis situations, deal with an angry public, and give powerful presentations.

The series includes the following one-hour courses:

1.     Preparing for a media interview

2.     Powerful messaging

3.     Giving a press briefing during a crisis

4.     Handling an angry public

5.     Delivering a powerful presentation

This series is appropriate for first-time participants as well as for repeat participants as a refresher. The first course begins on March 23, 2021.

TSPRA members can check the schedule and register here